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In the legal industry, an inefficient operating system takes time away from the clients you represent, and can impact the quality of your company’s customer service. Your time is too valuable to be spent fixing technical issues in the office, waiting for important documents to upload in court, or worrying about securing your clients’ confidential data. We understand that your firm needs an IT solution that won’t slow you down or compromise your legal obligations. For over a decade, Cetrom has been customizing cloud computing solutions for law practices. Our versatile legal IT services eliminate the tedious daily obstacles you experience with outdated systems and give you the resources your law firm needs to be successful not only now, but also into the future.

What does Cetrom do?

Our cloud solution services for law firms can include:

  • A variety of hosting services, such as:
    Email capabilities
    Application hosting
    Virtual desktop (VDI)
    The Cetrom Hybrid Cloud
    Data center services
    Cloud solution consulting services
  • Handling your software and hardware upgrades
    -Microsoft products are licensed and upgraded for you at no additional cost
  • Customizing your cloud solution:
    -We are currently hosting more than 150 diverse applications for our customers
    -If your application is unique to your business model, we can host it for you!
  • Managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure
  • Security measures, including:
    -Storing and protecting your data offsite in our cutting-edge data centers
    -Continuously, and proactively, updating the latest security technology, maximizing redundancy
    -Performing regular system backups
    -Employing the latest disaster recovery and fail-safe technology
  • Providing personal IT support 24x7x365 from expert engineers

We are committed to our core business values: providing exceptional customer service and creating the best cloud computing solution possible for each of our clients. In other words, we care about you; we want to fully understand your firm’s needs and create a custom Cloud solution to match. Let us make it easier for your business to focus on client relationships by delivering a managed IT solution that operates in real-time, and complies with the latest industry security standards.

Contact us to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

Why is Cetrom right for your business, you ask?

Our solutions are…

  • Reliable: Available 24x7x365 to your staff with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Mobile: Access your Cloud anywhere with an internet connection on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Secure: Watch this video or click here to learn more about our cutting-edge data centers. Ask us about our top-tier security standards.
  • Fast: We internally use our own Cloud, and can’t tell the difference in speed. Not to mention the zero downtime perk!
  • Affordable: Per-person-per-month billing model: watch this video about cost savings in our cloud.
  • Personal: Custom-built IT solutions that give you what you want and need.
  • Guaranteed: Consultants with 10+ years of experience with law firms custom-design your IT solution. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll switch you back!

Don’t waste valuable time operating on an outdated IT infrastructure. We will proactively handle all of your IT maintenance, and secure your data so you can focus on your clients.  Contact Cetrom today to find out more about how our cloud computing solutions will benefit your firm.

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