Keeping Your Data Secure with These Password Reset Best Practices

By Joe Vassalotti, Systems Engineer

What would your response be if you called up your bank to report you forgot your credentials to log into your account online and all you had to do was provide your name? Would you feel that your account was safe and that your interests were protected? No, not likely.

A bank is never going to just give out your password just because someone on the other line says they are who they say they are.

That is something Cetrom is not going to do as well. For you and your company’s best interest and safety, we cannot reset a password over the phone for security reasons, it is just not safe – or smart.

True, while some engineers here may feel confident they know your voice well enough to assume you are who you say you are, we cannot take that chance. That is why it is so important to register on our site so that if you do forget your password or lock yourself out of your account, you can reset your password yourself – as long as you have created security questions and answers for your account.

Registering your account with is the safest and most convenient way for you to handle your account when it comes to password issue. As long as there are security questions and answers, you can handle the password issues by accessing the site from any computer.

Without security questions, a Cetrom engineer will have to reach out to a point of contact to get password reset approval. In addition, if the point of contact cannot be reached, we cannot continue to assist in accessing your account. We are not trying to stop you from getting your work done or trying to ruin your day by telling you there is nothing more we can do, but security standards have to be enforced.

Moreover, when it comes to passwords, though it may not be convenient, it is best not to use the same password for everything. If a hacker is able to access your information and goes through your internet favorites, for instance, and finds your bank login page bookmarked, using the same password opens up the chance that personal information is going to be compromised.
If multiple passwords are used it helps protect your information further.

With Cetrom’s DUO authentication application, your data has an extra layer of security, too, because you will know if someone tries to access your cloud account with a prompt to your phone or a phone call confirming you are indeed trying to access your account.

Strong passwords – consisting of capitalized and lowercased letters, numbers and characters – and DUO authentication can keep your mind at ease that your data and personal information is safe.