Cetrom Cloud Computing solutions are supporting thousands of users, across many industries, in companies doing business around the globe. Businesses rely on the Cetrom technology infrastructure and services to support their mission critical applications.

Why choose Cetrom’s Cloud-based IT solutions?


Our responsive customer service and proactive IT system maintenance philosophy ensure smooth, efficient IT operations. Plus, when you work with Cetrom, we keep you informed throughout the process – through immediate contact when an incident occurs, as well as monthly, weekly or even daily reports detailing all of your system activity.

Onsite Networks

Cetrom’s four-step process produces the best network environment for your company. When you work with us, you can rest assured that our professionals will:

  1. Listen to your business needs and goals
  2. Thoroughly examine your existing systems, physical space and employee knowledge
  3. Analyze the results and identify problem areas
  4. Design technology solutions that meet your needs in the most cost-effective way possible

Our service doesn’t end when the power is turned on.

After Cetrom’s Cloud Solutions are in place and working for you, we also provide:

  • Custom staff training
  • Supervised migration to the new systems
  • 24/7 support throughout and after the transition
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