April 2013 Posts

How Cloud Computing is Helping Organizations Go Green

Going Green with the Cloud While the Cloud is a convenient, efficient tool in the workplace, it also helps reduce the size of your environmental footprint. Here are just a few ways Cloud Computing is aiding professional organizations in their efforts to “go green”: Conserving Energy:  When your business stores data in our multitenant data center... Read More

How safe is cloud computing?

More companies are beginning to swap their traditional tangible data storage for cloud storage, but how safe is cloud computing? While no system is one hundred percent reliable, cloud computing is actually safer than on-site data storage. The data stored in the cloud is protected by multiple levels of security. There are layers of firewalls,... Read More

Cloud Computing: The Future of Digital Marketing

As cloud data centers ran by Google, Amazon and Rackspace come into the forefront of the digital landscape, it’s more apparent now more than ever that cloud computing is indeed the future of the digital world. The digital landscape itself is moving from “systems of transaction” as Lew Tucker, the VP of Cisco Systems put... Read More