Cetrom CPA Cloud Rated 5 Stars by CPA Practice Advisor

The cloud and application hosting industry has been growing exponentially throughout 2016. While this gives businesses more options to choose from, the large amount of competition has made it increasingly difficult for cloud service and application hosting providers to stand out and differentiate themselves in the market. In response to all of the questions businesses may have about which vendor to choose, CPA Practice Advisor decided it would be best to take a look at the industry’s top competitors and rate each of the companies’ services— ranging from simple QuickBooks hosting, to the ability to create a custom server with the desired applications as well as the support they provide.

Out of the six vendors that were reviewed in CPA Practice Advisor’s 2016 Review of Hosting Providers for Accounting Firms, Cetrom was honored to have been awarded a five-star overall rating. According to the review, Cetrom was deemed a good fit for CPAs and accounting firms of all sizes that are looking for flexible, customized application hosting and IT management. Notable services mentioned include the Cetrom Hybrid Solution, the Virtual Desktop Service, CetromFS as well as a variety of other portals.

Additional key factors that lead to top star ratings in the basic system functions, advanced features, programs hosted and support categories are Cetrom’s number of premium features offered at no additional cost, data migration completed by the Cetrom staff, 24/7 year round product support, a guaranteed 99.9 uptime and “better than bank” level encryption.

To read the full review, please visit: http://www.cpapracticeadvisor.com/review/12275537/2016-review-of-cetrom-cpa-cloud