CPA Firm Taps into Cetrom’s Cloud-based Services to Enhance Mobility

If given the option to provide your clients with better service and give your employees the freedom to work from any location, would you take it? Most businesses would say yes.

That’s just what Rub & Brillhart, LLC (Rub & Brillhart)—a group of financial counselors focused on helping individuals and small businesses navigate complex financial and tax issues—was able to do by turning to Cetrom to develop a customized hosted application cloud computing configuration.

Its employees can now work effectively from remote locations.

According to Rub & Brillhart’s tax manager, Jake Sokolowski, the company first set its sights on Cetrom because, “We felt that Cetrom offered excellent services at a moderate price and we liked the Citrix delivery platform because it felt superior to a traditional RDP setup we were accustomed to seeing. Cetrom was flexible in meeting our specific demands and their backups, security and fail-safe data redundancies led us to be confident in their uptime and the well-being of our client data.”

By implementing a CPA-focused hosted cloud solution, Rub & Brillhart has been able to become more mobile at a reduced cost. Rub & Brillhart’s client services and satisfaction have been approved from the added mobility, which allows accountants to work from any location with the same capabilities as working in the office. Rub & Brillhart employees can now be in contact with their clients and provide services even outside of business hours from their mobile devices and home computers, which are proactively monitored and supported by Cetrom’s team of tier-3 engineers. In addition, Rub & Brillhart employees also enjoy having their email and calendars work seamlessly. When an update is made to their Outlook calendar, contacts or emails are in one place and automatically syncs across all devices.

Sokolowski concluded, “The decision to migrate to the cloud was one of the best business decisions Rub & Brillhart has made. It required an investment, but we have determined that our year two IT costs will be reduced by more than 25 percent from our historic average. We couldn’t be happier with Cetrom’s service and support.”

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