The Mobile Takeover

Mobile v2

(Graph 1)

Mobility is hot hot hot! The two Digiday graphs above compare the internet consumption of traditional desktops versus mobile use. In just one year, desktop use has notably dropped and is expected to decline even more going into 2018. On the other hand, mobile use has skyrocketed and it doesn’t look like it will be turning around any time soon. This is not a surprising trend considering the rise of smartphone and smart device purchases compared to the number desktop computers bought annually. Interestingly enough, the use and purchasing of mobile devices over traditional computers is not only happening  for personal use, but also in the business world.

Most of the internet is already mobile-friendly and has been accessible for mobile devices for more than 10 years.  Fortunately, this  will only continue to get better. Why is this a good thing? Because cloud implies mobility. Businesses and their staff are getting more comfortable working with mobile devices for their daily operations. And, CEOs and executives are noticing the visible benefits that telecommuting offers because their employees have mobile access from any location, on any device.

One of the main benefits of telecommuting is that it actually increases productivity due to improved morale. The higher morale comes from the ability for a better work-life balance. Employees feel more valued and trusted, making them want to perform at an even higher level for the company. Working in an environment with less people also eliminates daily interruptions. Instead of casual office talk and phones ringing, employees can focus more on the tasks at hand. This means more productivity, which has a huge impact on your company’s bottom line.

The cloud is the platform to help your business succeed as the mobile trend continues to takeover!

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