5 Ways The Cloud Makes Being A CPA Easier

The cloud is an underrated solution for accountants, especially during tax season. It provides a safe, secure space for your financial data with constant access and flexibility.

Even with so many advantages, why are some accountants still wary of the cloud? CPAs often question how secure cloud solutions really are, if this updated technology is cost-effective enough, and other inquiries about downtime and financial loss. Here’s the truth:

Enterprise-Level Security. Accountants are trusted with extremely sensitive company data, from salaries and annual taxes to everything in-between. Protecting this data beyond basic measures is a common challenge for companies, but the cloud offers a comprehensive solution to financial and operational roadblocks.

For example, Cetrom offers three layers of security. It begins with physical security, which includes armed guards, biometrics, pre-approved clearance, restricted access, and other measures for our two geographically dispersed cloud data centers.

Next is logical security, which includes enterprise-level firewalls, multi-layered virus and spam protection, intrusion prevention, daily backups, encryption, two-factor authentication for sign-on access, user-defined permissions, and an on-site server backup.

Finally, we invest in methodological security or the “human factor.” This means confirming that every manual process is approved by multiple cleared users and following strict industry best security practices to block hacking.

Mobility. Few accountants are still glued to their chairs with old-school calculators in hand for eight hours. The world of technology is moving fast, and your numbers are moving even faster. That’s why the cloud is a great solution because it offers speedy mobility.

The cloud helps your productivity and ensures data safety outside the office. Its remote access gives you accessibility year-round, every day, at all hours. All you need is a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer and the Internet.

Cost Effectiveness. Aside from the ease of working on secure data wherever you please, the cloud offers unrivaled cost effectiveness. Other accounting security programs cost above the industry standard, whereas the cloud solution is an effective way to do the same job within your budgetary requirements.

The cloud eliminates large in-office hardware investments, maintenance costs, Microsoft licensing fees, and more. It also rids your company of downtime costs by extending your information technology staff, staying consistently updated, and proactively monitoring your data.

Trust. Many accountants are hesitant to invest in a cloud service because they believe that it’s not as personable or trustworthy as an in-house IT staff. However, a financial cloud solution is backed by a team of technology and security experts, which means your accounting data is still in human hands at all times. It’s more of an extension to your IT team than benching them.

Flexibility. Many people ask, “Will my accounting application work with the cloud?” The answer is most likely. Many cloud solutions providers offer application hosting services that cover a variety of programs, including CCH, Intuit, Adobe, Microsoft, Sage 50, Thomson Reuters, Win, UltraTax, and more.

This ultimate flexibility means that you can research which solutions provider works best for your existing application, budget, and future goals. You’re not limited to who you can partner with because the cloud gives you options.

It’s best to rely on the cloud to manage the applications that help run your business’ finances. The cloud offers enterprise-level security (with more than three layers of protection if you choose Cetrom) and trust as an extension of your IT team.

This long-term solution gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere at any time, and it’s cost-effective to your company’s bottom line. As the cloud works with most existing accounting applications, you’re sure to find a solutions provider that works for you

For more information on cloud services, download our white paper, Learn How CPAs Can Stay Relevant, Reliable and Flexible.