Benefits to using Cetrom File Share (CetromFS)

By: Joe Vassalotti, Systems Engineer

Have you found yourself needing to work on a document that is stored in the cloud but you know you are going to be in a situation with no internet access?

If you plan ahead and use Cetrom’s File Share solution (CetromFS), you could copy that file onto your laptop and work on it to stay on top of your tasks – maybe as a passenger on a long road trip or on an airplane with no Wi-Fi options available.

You don’t need to worry about falling behind on a deadline because once you find an internet connection again, the file will update and synchronize itself to the cloud. Then, simply move it to the desired network location and you never have to worry about missing a deadline.

With CetromFS, you get instantaneous synchronization between your local SyncedFolder and your CetromFS drive in the cloud.

Just like the virtual desktop, you can access CetromFS from any computer by logging in to and downloading files you have stored to work on. You can just as easily upload the files back to your SyncedFolder through the web and they will appear on your CetromFS drive in the cloud.

Because files are sent through a cloud-dedicated system, CetromFS is more secure than a third-party file share system like DropBox. Data loss prevention measures are not implemented within DropBox, therefore could put your company’s data at risk.

CetromFS data is stored on Cetrom servers within our datacenter so if a backup of a file is necessary; Cetrom engineers are able to retrieve a copy. Better yet, if you need to grab an accidentally deleted file, the web interface access of CetromFS allows you to retrieve deleted files and folders.

For sensitive information or files being shared, you can send files securely and include password protection. If you want, you can even limit the amount of times a sent file can be downloaded and receive a notification that the recipient downloaded the file.

Do you have files that need shared with multiple users? If you create a folder to share with users, you can lock the file for editing while you are active in the file so no one else can make changes at the same time. With CetromFS, you can also look at the revisions and go back to a version to look at what has been added or removed.

For even more convenience access to your shared files, there’s a Synced Tool app for your smartphone or tablet.