Cetrom Predicts 2017 Cloud Trends

2017 has officially gotten underway and businesses are focused on making this year better than the last. Unfortunately, so are hackers. Cyber hacks have already hit headlines and the hackers behind them are looking for their next targets. And, it could be you!

Cetrom expects that cybersecurity will be one of the two major industry cloud trends that will make a big impact on the industry in 2017.

  • Cybersecurity – There were major security breaches in 2016 and the emergence of new threats, such as ransomware— malicious software that encrypts files, blocks access to computer systems and requires an anonymous payment. Because of this, businesses and organizations need to increase their cybersecurity measures to ensure their data is protected.
  • Migrating to the cloud – In addition to cybersecurity, 2017 shows signs of a large amount of organizations moving from their onsite IT setups to the cloud. The cloud has become a “must” for businesses wanting to stay competitive and also protect their data. Even industries that have been slow to adopt new technologies will make the transition this year.

“2017 will be the year of major security holes being exposed and businesses of all types experiencing devastating breaches from security hacks. We understand that our clients cannot afford to have an interruption to their cloud computing services because it can hinder them from conducting their normal business, which means a loss of potential revenue for them. In an effort to combat these threats, we’ve reinvested in the company and our services as well as created an internal cybersecurity team to ensure we’re protecting our clients and their data from any and all angles.”

– Christopher Stark, president and CEO, Cetrom

In 2016, Cetrom reinvested more than a $1 million dollars back into the company. Stark and his tier-three engineers focused on restructuring its infrastructure, improving and developing new technology and products, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), and enhancing the overall customer service and support to ensure the highest quality services for their clients. Cetrom enhanced its cybersecurity protocols, ramped up on its two data centers and increased data redundancies.

As a testament to the cloud services provider’s investments, the company had a 100 percent retention rate and had an increase in revenue by more than 25 percent.  Cetrom also received a five-star rating from CPA Practice Advisor, was named Top Hosting Provider by K2 Enterprises and recognized by Washington SmartCEO 2017 as a Future 50 Award winner for its continued overall growth.