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Why a Tier 4 data center?

When storing your data in the Cloud, data center security and around-the-clock reliability are critical. Let us take a look at the different levels of data center certification and what it means for your data. Data centers can be classified into four different tiers, as standardized by the Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA). Tier I data... Read More

Questions All Leaders Must Ask Before Adopting New Technology

Innovation and adoption of new technologies will allow your organization efficiency and competitive advantage. Integrating new technology, big or small, into your business can be made much easier, however, simply by doing your homework. (The Cloud, for example, needs to be tailored to each individual organization). Here are six necessary questions managers must ask themselves... Read More

Takeaways from the Recent DNS Hacking

Companies that use the web (for their website, e-mail, and web-based applications needs, for example) may have been affected yesterday if GoDaddy is their DNS provider. DNS, or Domain Name System, works as a key component of our Internet’s functionality by translating “humanized” hostnames (URLs) into more complicated IP addresses without affecting end users. When... Read More

Ways to be Productive on a Slow Work Day

Experiencing that “off season” period at work, or have some extra time on your hands? It may be the best time to catch up on productivity. Here are some tips to find work when you have a few slow hours, or days, on the job: Organize. Organizing your emails and network folders/documents will allow you... Read More

Live Chat with 21st Century IT

Christopher Stark’s 8/30 Live Chat with 21st Century IT pinpointed both challenges and tips for finding a trustworthy Cloud Computing provider. According to Alison Diana, Editor in Chief, 21st Century IT: “It can be challenging to find a trustworthy cloud service provider. And, perhaps, no one knows that better than Christopher Stark, CEO of cloud... Read More

Using Technology to Deliver a Better Member Experience

The discussion around Cloud adoption really focuses on the comparative advantages of information technology and traditional business methods. Many businesses and associations of today still operate off of an in-office network, use a paper system for most documentation, and must continually evaluate and invest in hardware/software solutions. But are those traditional methods the best methods?... Read More

Cloud Computing and its Significance for Associations

A few thousand people attended this year’s ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Dallas, many of them interested in moving their association to the Cloud. Attendees were looking for a Cloud provider with association experience, who will customize their solution to fit the needs of their particular organization, as well as deliver. These association members... Read More

How to Make the Most of Telecommuting

The ability to work remotely is an immeasurable benefit brought by the Cloud, but for some it might also bring potential for distraction. Here are 5 tips for productivity while telecommuting: Communicate. Set goals for what you’d like to achieve that day, and communicate them to a co-worker, supervisor, etc. Then write them down. This... Read More