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5 Cloud Myths Busted by Reality

Myths can make a story more interesting and accessible. However, the problem with myths comes when these untrue stories persist. Hearing, believing or sharing myths could be holding you and your business back. To assist in breaking down some of the misperceptions out there about cloud computing, we have provided you with the reality that... Read More

Troubleshooting Onsite vs. Offsite: Which is Better?

Remember the days when you had to wait on hold for a support representative to assist you with troubleshooting issues over the phone? Thankfully, with remote troubleshooting technology, those times are far behind us. Most IT providers generally utilize remote access software to provide better technical support to their customers. Many also use traditional on-site... Read More

The ABCs of Cloud Computing for CPAs

There are few endeavors so volatile yet integral as that of a public accounting firm. CPAs work with a wide array of clients in a field that demands integrity, responsiveness, and security. Placing such insurmountable trust into the arms of a person or company can be a leap of faith for some. That is why... Read More