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Cetrom in Footnote: Crunching the Numbers- Cloud vs. OnPremise IT

This article originally appeared on here. By Jerry Shipley, Cetrom, October 2015 The fear of losing internal data or a client’s confidential information is real. It’s a universal concern that drives the need to implement reliable, proven technology solutions. It is also a business continuity issue for the firm; if you don’t trust the processes that... Read More

Cetrom in Small Business Computing: Small Business Case Study: Why Move to Cloud Computing?

This article originially appeared at here. By Dan Demaree, September 04, 2015 Frustration is a powerful motivator. It drives us to make the changes necessary to move our businesses forward. But some changes require up-to-date technology to power the business. My company, DPR Group, Inc., a full-service public relations, marketing and communications agency, was stuck... Read More

Cetrom CEO in the Washington Business Journal: How I …

This article originially appeared at the Washington Business Journal’s website here. Cloud computing and road racing rarely go together, and yet, they make up the pillars of Christopher Stark’s life. By day, he’s CEO of Cetrom, a cloud computing firm based in Vienna. But in his time off, he can often be found driving 180 to... Read More

Cetrom in Accounting Today: The Wild West of Data Privacy and the Cloud

This article originally appeared at here. By Christopher Stark, Cetrom, June 18, 2015 The first time the country was connected coast-to-coast, it was with the wood and steel of railroad tracks into the Wild West that redefined the frontier, and the nation. Today, we use fiber-optic cable to join the frontiers of the information superhighway,... Read More

Cetrom in CIO: 19 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Needs of the Modern Mobile Workforce

This article originially appeared at here. By David Spark, CIO, February 26, 2015 Our work lives have evolved. We’re no longer fixed in time and place. In fact, according to Forrester, one-third of all employees are considered “anywhere/anytime workers.” “Today, a ‘modern’ workforce often equates to a ‘mobile’ workforce,” said Steven Luong (@StevenTLuong), senior product... Read More

Cetrom in Data Center Knowledge’s Industry Perspectives: Ensuring Your Cloud Provider Meets Your Business Needs

This article originially appeared in Data Center Knowledge’s Industry Perspectives here. By Christopher Stark,  October 21, 2014 Every company has its own needs, yet solution providers often try to force a square peg into a round hole by offering a “one size fits all” cloud solution. Companies that opt for this cloud model must adjust their processes and... Read More

Cetrom in Digital Guardian: An Expert Guide to Securing Sensitive Data

This article originially appeared in Digital Guardian here. By Digital Guardian, October 8, 2014  An Expert Guide to Securing Sensitive Data: 34 Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Data Security Keeping sensitive information secure from theft and vulnerability in today’s digital world isn’t as easy as putting a lock on the file cabinet –... Read More

Cetrom in @Law: Look Before You Leap

This article originially appeared via @Law, online and print editions. By Christopher Stark,  September, 2014 Look Before You Leap: Five Challenges to Cloud Migration and How to Overcome Them You’re not in the IT business. Your time should be dedicated to serving clients, but unfortunately a significant portion of it is spent dealing with IT issues.... Read More

Cetrom in InformationWeek: Net Neutrality

This article originially appeared via InformationWeek here. By Christopher Stark,  September 18, 2014 The end of Net neutrality would hobble today’s businesses, increase costs for customers, and stifle the potential for future innovation. Scientists tell us not to worry about ebola in Africa, yet many Americans are panicking. Many technologists warn that the FCC’s Net... Read More