Cetrom in On Balance Magazine: Tech 2020. A Look Ahead

Cetrom featured in Wisconsin Institute of CPA’s digital and print edition of On Balance Magazine for “Tech 2020. A Look Ahead”.

“Nearly all smartphones today allow connections to external keyboards and monitors. Many (with the iPhone being the most visible exception) also allow you to connect to a mouse. With a keyboard, monitor and mouse connected, simply download any necessary apps and you’re ready for business.

This scenario becomes potentially troublesome when you might need to run a line of business application such as your accounting/ERP software, a tax application, or CRM tool. Because these full featured, robust applications do not readily lend themselves to bring re-written as apps, it is not likely that you will be able to run them from a smartphone or other device that might replace a traditional computer. However, if you ran these applications from the Cloud as software as a service, as in the case of QuickBooks Online or CCH Axcess, or as a hosted application such as Sage 300, or if you accessed them from a virtual desktop such as those provided by Cetrom, you would be able to use the browser on a smartphone to access them on that device.”

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