Cetrom in Accounting Today: Does cloud hosting still make sense?

Cetrom’s President & CEO, Christopher Stark, was published in Accounting Today’s article “Does cloud hosting still make sense?” on July 31st.

One of the most compelling reasons for the popularity and longevity of hosting is the wide variety of applications that are available using this approach. While you won’t find every application being offered in a hosted variation, there is enough legacy software being offered on hosted servers to keep this model a logical choice for a user who prefers to continue using an application originally designed with an in-house client/server model in mind. And in many cases, a hosted legacy application offers many of the advantages that managed IT services provide, including the reduced need for capital investments and support services, both which are important considerations in today’s work-from-home business environment.

“When it comes down to it, it’s important to first identify your top IT challenges today. Are you currently facing challenges that are impacting your ability to work efficiently? Are you unhappy with the services you are getting with another provider? Do you have aging infrastructure, etc.? But notably, we caution and advise all clients (current and prospective) to think deeply about their IT security and how your current IT setup could have a major impact on how you are able to respond to a cyber event. It’s not about planning for ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Who’s handling your data security? Do you have multiple reliable data backups using different methods, separate from the network? Are you actively educating your staff and clients about IT security best practices — because they are likely your weakest link. It’s best to go the extra mile today to protect yourself in the future,” said Christopher Stark, President & CEO, Cetrom.

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