Cetrom in CPA Practice Advisor: 5 Steps Firms Can Take to Secure Data More During Covid-19

Christopher Stark, Cetrom’s  President & CEO featured in CPA Practice Advisor on March 24, 2020.

Businesses of every size and industry — including CPA firms of all shapes and sizes — are being upended and pushed into telecommuting work environments. Some CPA firms that have already invested in powerful, efficient and user-friendly telecommuting infrastructures powered by cloud computing have had an easier transition than those that are behind the curve.

However, all CPA firms, regardless of their telecommuting preparedness, now face new data and cybersecurity threats that have emerged due to more and more of the workforce operating online remotely.

The impact of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is widespread, and the focus has been on prevention, social distancing, and tracking its spread. What hasn’t been addressed as comprehensively is how businesses should combat the cyber threats that will emerge in this new remote work business world.

Cetrom has compiled a list of cyber threats and countermeasures that all businesses, including CPA firms, should be aware of moving forward.

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