Cetrom in CPA Practice Advisor: K2 Enterprises Names Cetrom Top Hosting Provider for Fourth Consecutive Year

Cetrom’s Top Hosting Provider award win, presented by K2 Enterprises, was featured in CPA Practice Advisor.

Cetrom, a provider of custom cloud solutions SMBs, has been named Top Hosting Provider by K2 Enterprises, a premier provider of technology-focused Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in both the United States and Canada, for the fourth year in a row.

The 17th Annual Technology Awards, also known as the K2 Quality Awards, is the most well-respected and longest standing awards in the accounting industry and are determined by a poll of the K2 Enterprises instructor team. Their votes are influenced by end user feedback and experience received directly from accounting professionals during K2 Enterprises’ consulting and extensive teaching efforts.

Each year this award is given to one and only one company that fits the criteria. If it is deemed that no company fits the criteria, then no award will be given. Additionally, K2 instructors spend numerous hours each year learning about the latest features of the technology used to understand the entire landscape of accounting technology.

“When it comes to the issue of cloud-based solutions, Cetrom has consistently proven to be a top-shelf provider.” said Val D. Steed, CPA, CITP – CEO K2 Enterprises. “We never get complaints or issues just compliments for recommending Cetrom. That really makes a difference in our world when you are working with CPA firms across the country.”

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