Cetrom in INSIDE Public Accounting: Cloud Computing Success One Firm’s Story of Modernization

This article originally appeared in INSIDE Public Accounting’s February 2017 issue. Included in the article are Cetrom’s Christopher Stark, President and CEO and client Johnson Lambert.JL Cover Sheet

Many firms do not have the confidence in cloud computing security to fully embrace it, but one tech-savvy, eight-office firm is happy it made the switch. The result is greater efficiency, expanded mobility and the promise of even more uses of the technology.

Of the 130 firms responding to IPA’s Information Technology survey last year, 80% said they’re not comfortable with the cloud. The biggest concern is the loss of control and fear that client data could be compromised.

For leaders at Falls Church, Va.-based Johnson Lambert (FY15 net revenue of 25.4% million), those fears were allayed by working with a contractor they weren’t afraid to push, and who welcomes the challenge. Read the full story in INSIDE Public Accounting’s February 2017 issue.

To learn more about Johnson Lamberts success in the Cetrom Cloud, read the full case study.