Channelpro Network: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning: Is the Cloud the Ultimate Answer?

Disasters lurk. But the cloud provides numberous benefits that don’t exist in on-site or in-house infrastructures, and it reduces your overall level of risk.

By Christopher Stark October 18, 2012 Every business needs a solid disaster recovery plan. It is the key to ensuring business continuity through any potential disaster. Recent industry studies have found that businesses that lose their data in a disaster (hurricane, earthquake, tornado, and so on) are likely to go out of business within the next few years. Beyond natural disasters, businesses also have to worry about technological disasters such as DNS attacks, network outages, and Internet service interruptions. In the event of a disaster of any kind, your company’s and your customers’ survival depends on a pre-established disaster recovery plan; network uptime; and your ability to back up, secure, and restore all vital data and applications. Do you feel confident in the services available to you and your clients? (more)

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