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Ransomware Update: 2017’s Impact to Date

Remember us talking about ransomware— malicious software that encrypts files, blocks access to computer systems and requires an anonymous payment— and how it was going to disrupt a lot of businesses this year? Well, unfortunately, we were right. According to a CNN report, ransomware is on track to become a $1 Billion industry. Since the... Read More

Cetrom Predicts 2017 Cloud Trends

2017 has officially gotten underway and businesses are focused on making this year better than the last. Unfortunately, so are hackers. Cyber hacks have already hit headlines and the hackers behind them are looking for their next targets. And, it could be you! Cetrom expects that cybersecurity will be one of the two major industry... Read More

Avoid Evolving Cyber Threats with These Cybersecurity Tactics

The constantly-evolving nature of the IT industry and technology in general, makes defending against cyber threats and hackers challenging for businesses, especially those that manage IT internally. In fact, ransomware is the latest malware scouring headlines and can be a big threat to businesses. A recent report released by the FBI claims ransomware infections caused... Read More