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Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm – Security

Before, if something happened to our server, the company would be dead in the water. With Cetrom, my data undergoes multiple backups and is stored in secure data centers in different geographical areas. I don’t have to worry about data recovery; they can recover it. And, there is always someone available to quickly resolve technical... Read More

Which Industries Can Benefit From Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides many opportunities for businesses to store their documents, or host applications/software.  Some benefits include reduced costs, stronger security and more easily accessible information. Each industry has its own specific needs and a cloud computing program can be designed around those. For example, companies in the finance industry, Law Firms and Government Contractors... Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

With everyone talking about Cloud computing and why it’s so important to move to the Cloud, Cetrom IT wanted to offer a quick and easy list of 10 reasons why WE think it’s a good idea to move to the Cloud. Access to your IT data and 150+ leading technology applications anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Tier-4... Read More