Success at the ASAE Tech Conference!

On Dec. 8, Cetrom IT made its first appearance at the ASAE Tech Conference & Expo at the Washington Convention Center in D.C. and it was a success! There was no doubt that ‘The Cloud’ was a main topic at this year’s event, and Cetrom IT’s booth consistently drew attendees’ attention by preemptively answering their question with the bold statement of “This is the Cloud” as the focal point of the exhibit.

Throughout the day, there was a steady stream of traffic to the booth which included Presidents & CEOs of associations, IT managers and communications directors. These attendees represented organizations of more than 50 people to the smallest associations with only two or three on staff. People came from as near as Cetrom IT’s backyard of Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia, to as far as Los Angeles to learn about technology for associations. A few even admitted that their offices were located on the beach, which made Cloud computing for associations a perfect match for them due to the flexibility to work anywhere coupled wit the robust disaster recovery options that would allow them to be up and running in no time if a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, would strike. Along with learning about the Cloud, attendees were able to pick up Cetrom IT light up pens and carabineers,  enter for a chance to win a new Dell Mini 10 with built in Wi-Fi and 1.3MP Webcam, or review brochures that talked About Cetrom IT, answered the question What is the Cloud, reviewed Cetrom IT’s Cloud Computing Solutions, and explained the Cetrom IT Difference. With 1,100 attendees this year, it was apparent that associations are VERY interested in what they can do to further their mission with the assistance of technology.  Cetrom IT was thrilled to be a part of the event this year and looks forward to more ASAE events in 2012!