3 Big Reasons Why Non-Profits Need Help with IT Services

Non-profits need to focus their efforts where it matters – on giving back to communities by offering customized services or products that meet the niche needs of a consumer base. Not-for -profit organizations would do well to consider reaching out for help with their IT services in the same way that they reach out and help communities. Doing so will mobilize them to spend more time doing what it is they do best while optimizing their influence. Research indicates that about 90% of all non-profits have little to no IT support staff. Below, we’ve listed the top three reasons why that practice needs to change, providing an answer to why non-profit IT support is so critical.

Improving the Way You Serve

Many outsourced IT companies offer customizable services, allowing non-profits to manage their operations with cloud computing by using relevant software that will contribute to the improvement of workplace efficiency. Whether you need standard office programs or more specialized tools like nonprofit fundraising software or accounting software, IT experts will be able to engineer the best possible system for your organization. This means that you’ll gain a technological advantage without forgoing valuable time, which enables non-profits to tackle their central mission with full force.

The Affordability Factor

Non-profits don’t have the big budgets that many larger corporations do, so they need to be able to make the most of the people they pay to service them. Outsourced IT services that utilize cloud computing often offer scalable services. These are paid on a month-to-month basis, eliminating huge upfront expenditures while still meeting a need for organizations that traditionally don’t focus on IT management. Non-profits are an expanding sector in the U.S., and with the tough economic climate and growing number of competitors, non-profits have to seek affordable means of staying ahead.

Leave it to the Experts

Many executives at not-for-profits have to stretch themselves across a myriad of different responsibilities, developing means to optimize their business processes in order to better serve the community while seeking funds from charitable consumers and donors. The problem is, this responsibility falls on them even if they don’t have the IT background to create and maintain software systems and other IT services that improve operations. A company that specializes in IT upkeep can offer more comprehensive non-profit IT support. As an innovator in IT and cloud computing services, Cetrom has over 10 years of experience creating custom IT solutions for non-profits. With a thorough comprehension of what not-for-profits need to keep their competitive edge and continue effecting change, Cetrom offers economical IT services with around the clock support. With over 150 diverse SaaS software applications as well as the ability to securely access data both in office and on-the-go with mobile devices, Cetrom provides superior non-profit IT support. Partner with Cetrom and free up time to focus on your core mission; leave your IT maintenance and upkeep to the experts. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing and Information Technology! Sources: The Fast Facts of Non-Profit Organizations