3 Real-World Cloud Computing Examples: See the Cloud in Action

The benefits of Cloud Computing are widely known. The Cloud has forever changed the way in which we store and access information. Cloud Computing is safe and secure, it helps boost business productivity, and so much more. And while all of that is nice and good, without real world examples to back it up, it is nothing but words. Fortunately, we have real world Cloud Computing examples to substantiate all of the talk.

3 Real-World Cloud Computing Examples: See the Cloud in Action

1)    MacNair Travel Management Since 1989, MacNair has managed travel arrangements for a wide range of organizations. The company is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia with employees in nine states throughout the United States. The problem was that MacNair, which has a 24x7x365 business model, still utilized a traditional IT set-up and, as a result, often ran into problems with accessibility, integration, and lost productivity due to extensive commutes. Additionally, the cost of maintaining two separate offices quickly became cost prohibitive. MacNair called Cetrom Information Technology, Inc. (Cetrom) in 2007. We developed a fully outsourced, Cloud-based IT solution that incorporated travel industry-specific Cloud Computing applications, such as TravCom CS, to help combat operational costs and streamline IT operations.

Cetrom also hosts all of MacNair’s applications and data at secure, SAS 70-compliant data centers that not only provide enterprise-class physical and logical security, but also prevent problems before they occur with 24x7x365 monitoring and alerts. “Travel happens 24x7x365 and having Cetrom’s 99.99 percent uptime guarantee is extremely important for our business,” said Greg Altieri, chief operating officer, MacNair Travel. On top of that, because of the seamless, remote connectivity made possible by the Cloud, MacNair was able to close its costly Washington D.C. office, saving the company $70,000 annually.

Cloud Computing also allows MacNair employees to work remotely without ever having to be in the company’s physical headquarters, allowing the company to retain some of its top talent and improve its recruiting efforts. “Top travel management talent is dispersed across the country and around the world,” said Altieri. “By implementing a Cloud-based solution, I am no longer limited to recruiting near the office and can secure the best talent to support our customers, regardless of where they are based.” “I consider MacNair Travel the poster child for Cloud computing. We have been using Cetrom for more than four years now and couldn’t be happier,” added Altieri.

2)    The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) A national trade organization that represents and promotes all segments of the manufactured, modular or factory-built housing industry, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) serves its members by providing industry research, promotion, education and government relations programs, and by building and facilitating consensus within the industry. MHI also offers educational benefits through the Manufactured Housing Educational Institute (MHEI®). The problem, as with many small businesses, was that the company’s on-site IT infrastructure – with multiple servers, software purchases, licensing, and daily maintenance – was putting a strain on MHI’s finances.

MHI picked up the phone and called Cetrom in 2008 to find a way to reduce its IT expenses. “We started evaluating different solutions and found that cloud computing was a very attractive option because we would not be responsible for onsite server maintenance or software licensing and updates,” said Laura Lee, Controller and VP of Finance & Administration for MHI. Cetrom designed a fully outsourced, Cloud-based IT solution for MHI, hosting all of its technology resources on Cetrom’s tier-4, SSAE 16-compliant data center. This proved beneficial for several reasons, including:

  1. Employees can access Cloud Computing applications remotely, from any location, with an Internet connection.
  2. With the move to the Cloud, MHI has seen a reduction in its annual IT expenses.
  3. With the ability of employees to seamlessly work from home, MHI has also experienced an increase in employee retention.
  4. Cloud Computing has saved MHI more than $20,000 annually.

“For an organization that needs a good technology solution, but struggles with a tight budget, cloud computing makes perfect sense,” said Lee. “As a member-based organization, we are stewards of our members’ money and the cloud allows us to manage it more responsibly, while maintaining our commitment and dedication to serving our membership.”

3)    Event Pro-SSSS Association Services Event Pro-SSSS Association Services helps nonprofits and associations across the country increase membership retention and growth through strong programs and sustainable revenue streams. The problem was that Event Pro-SSSS was using an outdated, disk-based network. As a result, productivity and connectivity were lacking. This was especially an issue when the company decided to relocate to Florida from Maryland. “We needed a stronger IT platform that would enable the company to take on larger clients and increase our sales revenue.

In addition, we were looking to relocate, but we didn’t want it to affect the business or our customers. It was also important for us not to lose top staff,” said Sue Fern, CEO and founder, Event Pro-SSSS. Event Pro-SSSS called Cetrom in 2000 to implement a custom Cloud Computing solution to help streamline IT operations, establish business continuity, and improve employee retention. “We needed flexibility and connectivity,” said Fern. “With Cetrom, I’m able to respond quickly anywhere in the world – just like I’m sitting at my desk. Cetrom’s Cloud Computing solution has increased the amount of work we have been able to take on and increased the speed at which we can deliver our services.” Cetrom’s Cloud Computing Solutions enable Event Pro-SSSS to access the company’s IT resources from any location with an Internet-ready device.

Today, Event Pro-SSSS has employees working both in its headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida and remotely across the country. “There are a lot of Cloud products out there but Cetrom’s Cloud Solutions has been a big driving force for our company’s success and year-over-year growth,” added Fern. “We would not have been able to move and retain our clients if it weren’t for Cetrom. They have given us the business continuity to secure the success of the company. They were willing to work with our needs, providing the highest level of flexibility, accessibility and reliability in our IT system. Not only do we receive excellent service, but it has also been a wonderful business alliance for us.”

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