4 Reasons for SMBs to Love IaaS Solutions

IaaS-blog-pic-1-e1387398158642.pngWhen it comes to cloud computing, businesses are not shy on options. But which service model is right for your organization? Infrastructure as a Service (referring to the hardware and software that powers cloud computing) providers continue to dominate the SMB market, simply because they have a lot to offer. An IaaS solution allows you to…

Lighten your plate

Managing and maintaining an IT solution internally can be a cumbersome, and costly, undertaking. Updating and upgrading your system equipment, software applications, and licensing, as well as performing regular IT maintenance and backups will take a toll on your bottom line. Furthermore, handling your technology solution in-house means fewer resources can focus on your corporate mission and clientele. But imagine unloading this burden onto someone else: an experienced provider that can host all the pieces of your IT solution while improving functionality and performance. IaaS cloud computing for business models are designed to do just that, as these providers assume responsibility for your organization’s IT, reducing your overall technology expenses.

Play in the sandbox

IaaS cloud providers can offer many hosted application services, including offline test-bed environments. These side-bar work spaces allow customers to experience new products, as they would function in their live solution, without assuming any risk. For example, Cetrom’s sandbox environments are closely monitored and tested before the product is implemented into a customer’s live environment.  Better still, these virtual sandboxes (and the rest of the solution) are located on Cetrom-provided servers. This way, if the tested product were to cause glitches, bugs, or even a virus, the customer’s equipment remains unaffected.

Do it all

IaaS is the foundation of the proverbial cloud pyramid, supporting both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Think of IaaS as the skeletal frame of a house– the structural foundation. Without it, you’d have nothing to build on top of. PaaS solutions are like the drywall of the home, defining the spacing and measurements of rooms within the home. Lastly, SaaS applications stand-in as the furnishings of the home: the materials one uses daily. More SMBs are choosing to operate in an IaaS cloud environment because it can support their uniquely designed platforms while also offering hosted application services. In other words, IaaS solutions are easily customizable to fit your organization’s needs– whatever they may be.

Stay competitive

Because IaaS solutions offer such versatility, they are ideal for organizations in any industry (a factor that does not go unnoticed in the SMB community). In fact, those who have not yet moved to the cloud are struggling to keep up with productivity, while those in the cloud are seeing increased revenues. Gartner, a global IT research and advisory company, considers cloud/client architecture to be among the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends of 2014 and it would seem that SMBs agree. Cetrom Information Technology, Inc. is a leading IaaS cloud services provider.

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