4 Time & Money Saving Benefits of Cloud IT Services for Accounting/CPA Firms

Accountants and CPAs constantly compute financial data for clients, but without a cloud computing provider that hosts advanced software tailored to the industry, accounting firms may not be effectively harnessing IT services.  Leveraging the proper IT services for accountants has the capacity to improve client relations and general project management while saving accounting and CPA firms valuable time and money. Here’s why:

Specialized Software

With the proper software implemented through cloud IT services meant to assist in managing projects effectively, accountants and CPAs will be afforded the luxury to spend additional time with each of their clients. Cloud computing providers host a wellspring of software for accounting firms that can streamline the following accounting responsibilities:

  • Audit Confirmation
  • Bill Management and Payment
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Document Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Sales and Use Tax, and more

Improved Client Relations

Cloud IT services permit CPA firms to give clients access to their financial information from a single, convenient console.  This equips customers with the potential to take a proactive approach to their personal accounting needs, allowing them to view critical financial data as needed. Given the right software, clients will also be able to see easily intelligible reports, represented through graphs and charts that powerfully convey complex information in a clear way.

Scalable System

By outsourcing cloud IT services, accountants operate on a scalable system, meaning they can adjust their infrastructure as business proliferates on a pay-as-you-go basis. Companies with traditional software and hardware systems are forced to sink large sums of money into meeting storage, security, and back-up needs. All the while, the applications they implement are usually limited in their performance capabilities. Cloud IT services, on the other hand, allow accounting firms both large and small to utilize enhanced security, redundancy, and storage solutions at a cost-effective price.

Eliminate Excess

Outsourced IT services for accountants eliminate the need to build an in-house IT infrastructure in a business where IT is essential in providing a competitive edge, but peripheral to the objectives and essential functions of accounting professionals.  By looking to an external company to provide cloud IT services, accounting firms can have 24/7 access to an expert team IT specialists, rather than having to undertake the expense of paying the salaries and hiring costs for a few employees with restricted experience. Converting to the cloud provides other built-in benefits, bundled into one IT solution to help save money: workflow solutions, paperless documentation, secure e-mail, and so forth. In an industry focused on finances, seeking cloud IT services will help to cut back on financial expenses, while improving operations. Cetrom has more than a decade of experience in creating CPA Cloud Computing solutions to accommodate the needs of accounting firms, working in close collaboration with the AICPA in order to comply with standards in the profession. Our Accounting Cloud solutions offer a library of more than 150 diverse SaaS applications from leading technology providers to ensure you have access to the programs that you need most. Whether standard office applications, advanced accounting software tailored to assist in business management for CPAs, or a customized solution, Cetrom offers comprehensive technology packages that gives accountants the power to leverage IT systems to improve client relations and internal operations. Sources: Cloud Computing: What Accountants Need to Know Cloud Computing – What’s All the Hype?