5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Are you considering migrating to the Cloud? As Cloud Computing becomes more prominent, more questions are being asked about how the Cloud will benefit your business. The reality is that if you want to maintain a competitive advantage, migrating to the Cloud is an essential step. Here are five ways your business will benefit from Cloud Computing solutions: 1. Cost Effectiveness: Cost is a main factor in every company’s decision to move to the Cloud. What our customers realize is that Cloud software solutions eliminate the need for expensive hardware, licensing and in-house maintenance, reducing your overall IT cost. 2. Zero Downtime: The Cloud has gotten some bad press when large, well-known providers have experienced significant downtime. This can lead people to think that a traditional, on-site backup and data protection plan is the better option to reduce downtime. In actuality, an on-site solution requires time, money and resources to implement and maintain. When you move to a reliable hosted solution, you minimize the necessary resources—both human and financial—and achieve unfailing business continuity. 3. Increased Accessibility: One of the top benefits of the Cloud is accessibility, which gives you mobility in the work place. With Cloud applications, you’re able to access email, documents, files, etc. from anywhere in the world over a secure Internet connection. 4. Quick & Easy Mobility: In today’s modern workforce, employees are constantly on the go and communicating between satellite offices. Being able to access important documents from mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones anywhere in the world is a vital component in keeping your business successful. With a Cloud provider, you gain compatibility, support and secure access when connecting to your work applications through mobile devices. 5. Enterprise-level Security: Hackers exist, and they are out there trying to get their hands on your sensitive documents, which could be devastating for your company. With the right Cloud provider, you get top enterprise-level security and data back-up in a highly secure data center. If your system goes down during a natural disaster, the Cloud becomes your company’s lifeline. Now that you understand the value the Cloud will offer your company, there’s really only one question left to ask—are you ready to help your business run smarter by choosing the Cloud?