5 Ways You’ll Save Money in the Cloud

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, your company’s information resources should be able to follow suit. Cloud Computing has become an innovation revolution for technology, and has proven to be a major break-through for business capabilities. For some, saving money is a deciding factor in making the move to the Cloud. Here are 5 ways the Cloud will save you money:

  1. No more downtime. Employees will no longer have to spend their time closely monitoring and fixing servers, resulting in more time for productivity. Say no to the break-fix model, and welcome the managed services model with open arms.
  2. Capital VS managed expenditures. In the Cloud, the concept of economies of scale works to your advantage. Cetrom uses the highest quality servers and security measures, which might otherwise be financially out of reach for SMBs. By shifting to the Cloud, your annual IT budget is maximized and your expenses become predictable.
  3. Software upgrades and licensing. Many Cloud providers also offer SaaS (Software as a Service) options, which relieve you of upgrade/licensing financial responsibilities.
  4. Innovation from employees. The Cloud promotes greater innovation by allowing you more time to re-focus efforts on new business opportunities and business advancement.
  5. Scalable costs. Reputable Cloud providers employ the pay-as-you-use, per user, model. Scalable Clouds = scalable pricing.

While some benefits of the Cloud may appear more concrete than others, cost savings are prevalent in the Cloud. Look to the Cloud to save money and build business, and it will act as a precursor for business longevity.