Cetrom Shares Valuable IT Insights with Associations at Fusion 2016

By The Cetrom Team

Face-to-face time with our clients and potential clients is extremely important to us. It helps us learn what their challenges are, where they’re looking to go in the future and if there’s anything more we can do to improve their experience in the cloud. These conversations aren’t ones that you can do over the phone or even through a brochure or a website. That is why we enjoy participating in and speaking with association staff at Protech Associates’ customer conference, Fusion.

ProtechWe attended Fusion 2016 last week and the association management software (AMS) provider’s event was not only fun, but also extremely valuable for our team. In our fifth appearance at Fusion, we noticed that many attendees were asking much more complex questions. Instead of asking “What is cloud computing?” or “Why should we go to the cloud?”, many wanted to know about the specifics of the security measures in place to protect our two data centers. Some inquired about our Tier 3 support structure and our track record of zero downtime, while others wanted to know our thoughts on overcoming challenges impacting the industry.

While at the event, we discovered an interesting trend – associations were starting to work with multiple cloud vendors for their various applications and services. For example, an organization may think they need to partner with multiple vendors to host different cloud-based software applications. In doing so, the association staff faces challenges with interoperability among the vendors and the applications, which can greatly impact their productivity.

Coordinating multiple cloud vendors is becoming a big issue across the entire industry. Many association executives think they need to use separate vendors for their software and services, instead of enlisting the help of one provider that can manage all their software and applications in one centralized cloud environment. It is important to not only have the right tools and technology in place, but to also have everything working seamlessly together so associations can focus on providing for their members.

It is conversations like these that help Cetrom stay ahead of the technological curve in the association space. As a result, we always look forward to taking part in Fusion because the direct feedback we receive helps our team develop innovations that guide association executives and their staff as they work to improve the overall member experience.