Cloud Comparison: What Sets Cetrom Apart from the Rest

Trying to compare Cloud Computing providers? There are a lot of them out there, and it can be a lot of work to determine what sets each vendor apart. We could talk for hours on end about why all businesses should move to the Cloud. Of course the Cetrom Cloud will bring you mobility, affordability, cost savings, and time, all of which will allow you to focus on growing your business. But what really sets Cetrom apart from the rest? Zero Downtime Since Cetrom’s founding in 2001, their clients have had Zero Downtime. What will zero network downtime mean for you? It will mean having a competitive advantage, saving money, and above all, it will mean earning back your productivity time. Cloud Customization Cetrom understands that every business has unique needs, and believes that in the Cloud one size shouldn’t fit all. They work to understand your company’s unique needs and build the Cloud specifically based on the applications, programs, and information you use, with specific permission controls determined by your company. And because of Cetrom’s infrastructure capabilities, your Cloud will be scalable to grow as your business does. White Glove Customer Service With Cetrom, you will never be just a number or have to talk to a machine. From the moment you call, you will speak with a senior-level member of the engineer team. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority, and everything they do is with that goal in mind. 6-Month No Hassle Guarantee Cetrom offers a unique six-month, no hassle guarantee in all service level agreements to its clients. If any one is not completely satisfied within the first six months, they are free to cancel the contract.   …It should also be noted that not one client has ever exercised this option. Level of Data Security Tier-4 data centers safeguard your IT resources through the highest level of security measures, including encryption, reinforced physical structure, armed guards, multiple power backups, opposite-coast redundancies, failover protection and daily backup of all data. In order to provide the best, it’s crucial to invest in the best. Cetrom will build an affordable IT solution that will go beyond the needs of your business. Your data is the “secret recipe” of your business; it’s important to choose a top-notch provider. And after choosing Cetrom, you’ll wish you had moved to the Cloud sooner.