Cloud Computing Security: What Makes the Cloud Safe?

Rest easy: when it comes to safe data storage, cloud computing offers the security to prevent a loss or leak of information that would cause an inconvenient outburst of rain on an otherwise clear day. Besides meeting the demand for increased storage space, sophisticated cloud computing security technology utilizes enterprise-level safety processes that mirror those used in businesses where confidentiality is key, like financial institutions and prominent corporations worldwide. Cloud computing provides a model that supports widespread and convenient access to a joint system of configurable computing resources, like networks, applications, and storage. Offering businesses the ability to improve collaboration by making documents simple to share safely while cutting down on IT costs and delivering room for growth, cloud computing is an increasingly utilized means of secure data storage. Here are just a few reasons why cloud security offers some of the most reliable data protection when it comes to virtual information storage:

Multi-Level Redundancy

Many cloud computing providers offer multi-level redundancy, which means that data is stored in more than one location on the cloud in order to prevent loss in the event that one server fails or a single disk is lost. As an added measure, oftentimes data is made redundant across several geographic locations, so that in the case of natural disasters, data is always available at an alternate locale.

Encrypted Data

On the cloud, data is encrypted to protect it from leaking, and information is inspected as it moves across the network. With these security measures, sensitive data is made difficult to retrieve, and is unreadable without access to an encryption key.

Virus and Firewall Protection

Advanced anti-virus and malware software is offered through the cloud, and often updated on a daily basis to provide an added layer of security to critical documents and software. As an added measure, firewalls contribute to the detection of hackers and intruders.

Multi-Layered Defense

When all of these cloud security measures operate in conjunction with one another, a multi-level system is formed, helping to thwart unauthorized access of important data by monitoring requests for information to ensure they come from an authorized location. Cloud computing security provides what is known as defense in depth methods for data storage, with several layers contributing to a pinnacle of security. Cetrom provides multi-level physical security options with our CenturyLink data centers that guarantee availability and operate with 24/7 on-site security, internal and external monitoring, ID access screening, and escort requirements. With highly advanced systems that continue running under most all circumstances, Cetrom’s cloud security is optimal. Offering thorough safety measures, Cetrom takes every preventative procedure possible to safeguard valuable data and software systems: your critical documents are safe with us. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing and Information Technology! Sources: How Multi-Layered Cloud Security Leaves Hackers in the Cold Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3.0