Cloud Computing vs. Virtualization: What’s the Difference?

Not everyone is clear on what cloud computing is and how it operates – in fact, many people are as cloudy on the matter as the sky is on a rainy day. Though cloud computing and virtualization can work in conjunction with one another to maximize potency, it’s important to remember that these two IT services are not the same, as they are often mistakenly thought to be. While both virtualization and cloud computing are responses to the ever increasing need to make the most of computing resources in a cost-effective manner, they operate very differently. Remember that old rule from geometry that states a square is a rectangle, but not all rectangles are squares? The same holds true here: virtualization can be utilized to provide cloud computing, but cloud computing is not the same as virtualization. To start, cloud computing is considered to be a service, whereas virtualization ca n be defined as a physical infrastructure. But what, exactly, is virtualization? Virtualization allows multiple servers to run on the same hardware, thereby making the most of the hardware’s performance capabilities. In this process, there is generally a single host server that controls access to the resources on the physical server. The idea here is that multiple servers located on one machine cuts down on both hardware and operating costs. So how does virtualization differ from cloud computing? Cloud computing, as we’ve discussed in the past, allows businesses to store and access applications and data on virtual servers, rather than using physical hardware as virtualization demands. Cloud computing services are also an economical means of storing data, as they don’t require the purchase and maintenance of hardware and software. While virtualization occurs in a local environment, then, cloud computing services take place in a non-local space. Virtualization and cloud computing can work together like a true power couple to make the most of your IT services. Cloud computing can remotely control and interact with the data stored on physical servers through virtualization, giving the cloud greater scalability, and saving more money. If your company has invested in virtualization, cloud computing services can go a step further to maximize your IT initiatives by allowing you to rapidly scale computing resources. Contact Cetrom today to start your journey towards developing a customized, Cloud-based IT solution that meets your specific technology goals and ensures interoperability with Cetrom’s best-in-class technology infrastructure. We can create a cloud computing environment that meets your IT needs. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing and Information Technology!