Cloud Security: Who is Behind the Curtain?

bond-e1389375850535.jpgImagine a sinister-looking man. Sporting an ominous Hawaiian shirt, he lurks through the halls of your organization seeking a way to pilfer through your precious data and extract what he needs to sell for profit. He auspiciously finds one of your workstations, boots it up, and logs in to the network using a sticky note pulled from his pocket. He then inserts a thumb drive into the tower, drag and drops a few files, then ‘Safely Removes the Hardware.’ He stealthily jumps from the cubicle, casually walks back through the halls, and disappears without a trace. What seems like a cliché short story out of a spy novel is actually happening right now (minus the sinister man in a Hawaiian shirt) in associations, agencies, and firms across the globe.

This person is one of the IT consultants that you hired to manage and maintain your organization’s network. Aside from a few odd looks from employees, he was able to stroll right in and capture sensitive information you thought was secure. But how could such a breach happen? Last year you spent thousands on new intrusion detection software, firewalls, and require all employees to change their passwords monthly. Was this not enough? Unfortunately for some, the answer is no. This goofy yet serious story is aimed at highlighting a very important issue faced by organizations worldwide: staff integrity. It is rare to research cloud computing these days without running across the issue of data security. It appears that IT firms and clients of every size, shape, and color are quick to highlight their extraordinary physical security measures but often fail to speak on the personal nature of data security.

More often than not, human error and negligence expose organizations to risks that can prove catastrophic. The good news is that there are measures businesses like yours can take to prevent this from ever happening. Simply throwing money at expensive hardware and software can only take you so far in protecting your data. Cetrom knows that a solution is only as secure as the people behind it. Enterprise-level IT service requires the most reliable, professional, and proficient personnel to maintain security.

Let’s explore some of the people behind the Cetrom security curtain:

Systems Engineers

  • Never outsourced; all Systems Engineers are full time Cetrom employees
  • Each goes through a thorough background check as a condition of employment
  • Selected for integrity and professionalism
  • Highly skilled with experience and certifiable knowledge
  • Each has limited access to certain compartmentalized information, and only granted such on a strict need-to-know basis

Executive Management

  • Complete top-down, bottom-up oversight on all projects, initiatives, and client relationships
  • Hands-on CEO with years of IT experience and prior Navy cryptologic technician
  • Chief Information Officer with over 12 years IT experience

Data Center Personnel

  • Armed security personnel and required visitor escorts
  • Continuously verify the identity of those accessing data
  • Require prior notice in order to conduct background investigation of visitors

Cetrom as a company, partner, and source of industry-leading knowledge seeks to ensure that all security standards are met and exceeded in order to earn this trust. That is why Cetrom goes to such extraordinary lengths to systematically build a team that is both client-centered and trustworthy to handle your data with care and professionalism.

For additional information on this, check out Cetrom’s video on cloud security or read more here.