Employee Spotlight: Yaw Acheampong

Yaw Acheampong – Employee of the Quarter (Q4 2016)

  • Nickname: “Pong” – Like the last four letters of my last name. Got it in high school football. Coach couldn’t say my last name so would just say Pong. I was the defensive tackle for three years.
  • Hometown: Born in DC, live in the MD area
  • Favorite sports team: Colts and Lakers
  • Favorite food: Barbeque, grilled anything!
  • Favorite place you’ve been: Sandals Resort in Barbados
  • Why did you choose IT? Job security and innovation. The IT industry is always growing. I took a bunch of programming and computer science classes in school. I’ve always had a computer to build and customize.
  • Family: Wife and new baby boy Cameron born in January, 2017
  • Hobbies: Movies, eating out at restaurants, working on computers