Going Green for St. Patty’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day, we at Cetrom wanted to offer some ideas for you to go green—in more ways than one. As a company, we work very hard to ensure that our own corporate efforts are environmentally friendly and are excited that we can offer you green IT via the Cloud, but we also like to help save you some green along the way. Here are some ways you can keep your business green:

  • Turn off Computers: Turn off idle computers at night and over weekends to save electricity.
  • Enable Double-sided Printing: If you have to print a document, print double-sided saving paper and reducing waste. Always think twice before printing at all.
  • Recycle: Practice the proper recycling when disposing of computers and other electronic components.
  • Let the Water Flow: Invest in a water cooler and encourage your employees to bring in their own reusable cups instead of supplying bottled water.

Here are some ways Cloud computing can save you some “green”:

  • Outsource Your Infrastructure: The Cloud allows you to rent space for online storage from hosting companies that maximize server space and efficiency. Oftentimes, the original purchase price of a server is far exceeded by the cost to power and cool it over its lifespan. Utilizing the Cloud removes both these costs.
  • Enjoy Scalable Storage: Don’t worry about growing too big or having more space than you need. With the Cloud you get scalable storage based on your current needs.
  • Pay Only for What you Use: Cloud computing can be sold in a utility pricing model based on the applications you use, the amount of storage you need and the number of users at your company.
  • Minimize Operating Costs: Stop paying for maintenance, upgrades, licenses and on-staff salaries when you can outsource your IT and receive white glove customer support from senior engineers.

So now that you have learned a little bit about “Green” IT, we would like to leave you with an Irish wish to carry you through your day:

Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you.