Government Cloud Computing: How Can Governments Upgrade to the Cloud?

Government agencies and departments handle mission critical tasks day in and day out. In order to efficiently manage the development of federal policies and public works, the government needs to make use of powerful IT systems. As a highly secure infrastructure used for data storage and sharing, government cloud computing offers benefits as expansive as the great States themselves. In fact, the Obama Administration has used a Cloud First policy in order to encourage movement onto the cloud to decrease spending on IT support while improving performance. We’re here to offer a few insights on how governments can upgrade to the cloud, and why they should be leveraging this technology to improve their operations. Below, see our steps to help you float along with ease in the conversion to government cloud computing.

Government Agency IT Needs

Making a business plan that enumerates technology and computing needs, define the performance goals of your agency or department. Start with the essentials, and then expand to include software and cloud computing solutions that may need to be custom developed by your cloud provider. Take a look at these commonly employed aspects of government cloud computing to get started:

  • Storage, web hosting, and backup
  • Services that support databases, identity management, geospatial information
  • Email, customer relationship management, payment processing, collaborative efforts

With successful applications of these cloud services already in use by the government, they are an appropriate springboard for conversion to the cloud.

Government Agency IT Priorities

The cloud is as full of IT possibilities as the sky itself. Here are some key attributes for agencies to consider in moving over to government cloud computing.


Since government services often have a period of peak productivity and sharp increases in demand, the scalability of an agency’s cloud computing system may be critical. Determine what the performance of your cloud space is like when it begins reaching its maximum capacity by consulting with your cloud provider.


With strict security stipulations, this is one of the primary concerns in government cloud computing. Just as with any in-house IT operations, the cloud should be held to the standards laid out in the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Government agencies with sensitive data and information on file are advised to work out a contract with their cloud computing provider that creates a standard for managing security processes.


Given the need for rapid deployment in many agencies,  government cloud computing needs to be reliably fast – it’s a good idea to pilot the system or see demonstrations before signing a deal to make sure the cloud provider can accommodate your needs. Cetrom is sensitive to the mission critical work of government agencies and government contractors. With customizable solutions and a decade of experience working with the government, Cetrom’s cloud computing services are an optimal choice for agencies converting to this advanced system. Contact us today online or by phone (866.923.8766) for more information. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing and Information Technology! Sources: Cloud First Buyer’s Guide