Hosting Accounting Software for Accountants in the Cloud

Accounting is an industry that continually benefits from the evolution of technology, from the abacus to the calculator to the computer to Cloud Computing for accountants. Today, the Cloud is forever changing the way in which accounting firms operate, improving management, reporting, efficiency, and so much more. It will completely transform the way you do business. Benefits of Cloud Computing for Accountants Why should you consider a move to the Cloud?

  1. Remote Access: With the Cloud, your records are available while you are on the go. All you need is an Internet connection.
  2. Internal Storage: Cloud Computing can help free up critical internal storage space.
  3. Improved Reporting: Cloud accounting software allows you to easily generate reports or insightful analytics.
  4. Manage Data Loss Risk: Perhaps the biggest benefit of them all, the Cloud allows accounting firms to safeguard their data.
  5. Decision Making: Cloud Computing software gives you the actionable information you need to make better decisions.
  6. Save Money: Using the Cloud can significantly reduce your software and hardware costs.
  7. And More!

Now that you have seen some of the many benefits of Cloud accounting software, the decision to move to the Cloud should be much easier. The only tough question remaining is what Cloud accounting software you choose. Hosting Accounting Software for Accountants in the Cloud Here at Cetrom, we offer hosting of a large selection of software for accounting firms, including over 150 SaaS software applications.

  1. Deltek Costpoint® software: Costpoint offers accountants the unparalleled project management they need to increase both efficiency and profitability.
  2. Sage 100 ERP solutions: Sage 100 ERP allows accountants to streamline operations in a cost-effective and accessible way.
  3. Microsoft® Dynamics SL: Dynamics SL is a business-management solution designed to help accounting firms obtain reports and business analysis, while also driving efficiency, accuracy, and so much more.
  4. Intuit® QuickBooks® software: QuickBooks allows accountants to complete everyday tasks faster than ever before. In fact, 64% of QuickBooks users save an hour or more each week, while 25% say they save 1 to 5 of work, 20% say they save 6 to 10 of work, and 19% say they save more than 10 of work.
  5. Thomson Reuters: More than 50,000 accountants and tax professionals rely on Thomson Reuters integrated tax and accounting software.
  6. CCH: CCH’s integrated solutions give accounting firms, like yours, a seamless, integrated process from beginning to end.
  7. And More!

For a full list of Cloud Computing software currently hosted by Cetrom, please click here. If you do not see what you are looking for, let us know and we will add it for you. If you have any questions about Hosting Accounting Software for Accountants in the Cloud, please contact Cetrom by calling 866.364.1098 or fill out our contact form. You can also follow Cetrom on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ for the latest and greatest Cloud Computing news.