How Cloud Computing Can Help “Green” Your Business

The world continues to come out with new technologies, and global energy consumption attributed to technology is climbing. However, there are many ways to help offset your carbon footprint, in both your personal and professional life. One easy step towards “going green” that will take a tremendous step towards decreasing your carbon footprint is by moving your business to the Cloud. As more and more businesses turn to Cloud Computing as their IT solution, many have asked if the Cloud will be a realistic way to save money on energy costs. Cloud Computing is about IT efficiency and it can indeed tie together the interest of financial savings with streamlining your technology. Being environmentally conscious has recently been a hot topic for many organizations, and the amount of meetings, conferences, etc. dedicated to the subject is growing. The Green IT Summit, for example, was created for business leaders to meet and discuss their impact on the environment:  How exactly can moving to the Cloud help save energy, and make your business greener? Individual computers in your office will require less hardware for storage, which also lowers your energy consumption and carbon emissions (not to mention reducing your costs!). By storing your data in the Cloud, there will no longer be different networks across each enterprise. As Cetrom CEO Chris Stark explains at the Green IT Summit, “Instead of having 200 different companies each having their own data centers, now they are able to share one data center in a multi-tenancy environment- securely.” Highly efficient servers, server-optimized software, and Cetrom’s customized approach to building the Cloud based on unique needs/usage also help to support energy efficiency. Take telecommuting into consideration. Cloud Computing helps to curb emissions by allowing employees freedom to telecommute through remote access to their IT resources/data from home. This also potentially reduces office space requirements for your company! Overall, Cloud Computing is secure, scalable, and mobile, which can help “green” your business. But the environment isn’t the only beneficiary of the Cloud- your organization will reap the benefits of Cloud Computing, too.