How Cloud Computing is Helping Organizations Go Green

Going Green with the Cloud

While the Cloud is a convenient, efficient tool in the workplace, it also helps reduce the size of your environmental footprint. Here are just a few ways Cloud Computing is aiding professional organizations in their efforts to “go green”: Conserving Energy:  When your business stores data in our multitenant data center environments, you save energy through resource pooling.  Doing away with large, overheating server closets expands the life of your computers, cuts IT costs, and decreases your environmental footprint. Telecommuting: With the ability to work from anywhere at any time on any mobile device or computer, your employees have the option to work from home. Cutting out the fuel emissions from daily commuting contributes to the global green movement. If a daily telecommuting model works for your organization, you can also cut both costs and energy use on office space real estate. Paperless: With the flexibility of the Cloud, your company has the option to securely store all of its data on the Cloud eliminating the need to purchase paper products and file hardcopy, printed records. Contact us for more information.