How to Analyze Big Data with Cloud Computing

What is Big Data?

Big data: its name is simple but it’s actually quite complex, a collection of large and intricate data sets that prove difficult to process, store, and share using conventional data processing applications. Cloud-based infrastructure offers a solution to this problem, supporting the expansive volume of information contained in big data without causing performance problems for a business’s computing systems. Because the cloud is an elastic system capable of analyzing huge quantities of data, it is an efficient solution that allows businesses to better make sense of their data.

How Big is Big?

Generally, big data is unstructured or semi-unstructured, and needs to be analyzed and organized into smaller files that make the information contained in them comprehensible. As big data continues to proliferate, businesses will need to learn to leverage the information contained in these large volume data sets, which amass to hundreds of petabytes in size.

What is Big Data used for?

Big data cloud analysis is being used in a myriad of applications, making sense of transactions that occur on social networks, through e-commerce sites, web and search browsing patterns, cell phone conversations, surveillance cameras, and more. This means that big data cloud analysis takes the unstructured data in photographs, videos, social media, and the like, and delivers pertinent information about them that can enhance business processes. The insights big data cloud analysis offers can improve planning and organization, security and risk management, as well as supply chain optimization.

What are the Advantages of Big Data and Cloud Computing?

The benefits of big data cloud analysis are, well – big. Here’s why:

  • Insightful Information: By controlling the parameters by which you search, you can identify relevant data and process complex information in a straightforward manner. Using sophisticated linguistic algorithms, big data cloud processing allows users to make specific searches that present organized results.
  • Fast Analysis: Because the cloud can host and process large quantities of data with relative ease, businesses can index and search information quickly, practically delivering it in real time.
  • Save your Cents and Space: Using the cloud to process big data on an as needed basis, companies can pay for the storage they need when they need it, while decreasing the size of their data with index compression.

What Cloud Computing Provider has the Power to Host Big Data Cloud Analysis?

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