How to Find the Right Cloud Provider for your Unique Business

Today’s industries are either already in the Cloud or moving in its direction because of Cloud Computing’s ability to make both technology and employee operations more efficient. Conventionally, the Cloud allows you to store your organization’s network and data off-site, or “in the Cloud”. There are many variations on Cloud providers, however, as well as what each can and will specifically do for you. When your business is ready to keep a competitive advantage and adopt Cloud technology, here are key tips to help you find your white-glove match provider: Do your research. The most well known corporate companies aren’t always necessarily your best choices, and you may not receive the personalized approach to the Cloud you’re looking for. Industry-specific technology tradeshows are an effective way to compare providers in one place. Also look to the Internet for press releases, awards, and other media outlets as resources. Supplement provider’s claims with other materials. Find case studies, testimonials, reviews, media announcements, recognitions, social media, and overall activity for each Cloud Computing candidate. Talk to them. Unfortunately, Cloud companies are not capable of directing their online presence at your unique organization to outline what they can specifically do for you. By calling them, you’ll not only be able to learn about what a provider can do for your business, but you will also be able to quickly gauge how committed, transparent, and passionate they are about their services. What are their satisfaction policies? If your business is not completely satisfied with your new Cloud solution, what policies are in place to protect you? A reputable provider should offer a satisfaction guarantee. Because every business is uniquely different, it is vital to find a Cloud provider that will customize solutions to fit individual needs and deliver quality performance. With the right approach, your organization will find a Cloud perfectly-aligned with its respective qualities and interests. Propel into the future with a custom Cloud solution that fits like a glove.   Learn about Cetrom’s approach and our industry-specific experience.