How to Make the Most of Telecommuting

The ability to work remotely is an immeasurable benefit brought by the Cloud, but for some it might also bring potential for distraction. Here are 5 tips for productivity while telecommuting:

  1. Communicate. Set goals for what you’d like to achieve that day, and communicate them to a co-worker, supervisor, etc. Then write them down. This will help to subconsciously hold you accountable for accomplishing them.
  2. Keep your home office separate from your home. While working around the house from your laptop can bring necessary change, it’s also important to minimize distraction and create an environment with some home/work life separation when you need it.
  3. Prioritize. Working mobile means that you won’t always be able to get instant opinions and approvals from colleagues on projects. Accept this, and establish your priorities.
  4. Maintain co-worker relationships. It’s important to feel like you’re part of a team at work, and in doing so, you will be more committed to accomplishing your personal goals and projects.
  5. Don’t lower your output. Showing up while telecommuting doesn’t equate to productivity. Work to the best of your ability, whether or not you’re behind closed doors.

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