How to Save Money with Data Center Services vs. On-Site Hosting & In-House IT

Powerful and efficient computer and technology systems are considered the vital pulse of contemporary companies: they produce revenue while improving both internal operations and workflow. Looking to an external business that specializes in IT to provide data center services can save your company money and time. A data center equipped with IT experts who have a wide breadth of knowledge can help businesses focus on core competencies by developing software, hardware, and other data center solutions tailored to meet those needs. Building and expanding data centers has become an increasingly difficult reality for most businesses in today’s economic marketplace. From HVAC units necessary to help keep computer systems cool to floor space, electricity costs, and more, maintaining data centers on-site can be an expensive endeavor. An external data center hosted by a cloud computing provider, on the other hand, can provide your company with the following advantages:

  • Speedy Setup: Rather than waiting to create a center that can accommodate the hardware your business needs to manage its data, you’ll experience a fast startup that will enable your company to float over to the cloud quite quickly with off-site data center services.
  • Minimal Cost: By paying only a flat fee each month as opposed to extensive setup and variable maintenance costs, your business will save money with data center solutions provided by an IT company. Plus, there will be no need to update and purchase costly hardware and software, as this comes inclusive with data center services.
  • Room for Expansion: Data center solutions provided by a cloud computing company allow businesses to scale their data storage needs according to peak operation times to ensure that the business always have their processing requirements met.
  • Expert Access: An IT company that specializes in data center services can provide your business with access to professionals and experts in the field who know how to troubleshoot problems and efficiently yet securely develop data center solutions. This means that your business’s executives and employees can focus their energies on core operations, rather than technological details.

Your company’s IT needs can be met with data center solutions located off premises, which will take the financial burden of designing, building, managing, and maintaining a center off your list of responsibilities. With opportunities to support growth affordably, data center services provided by an external IT company will allow your business to invest capital where it matters: in expanding your corporation. With Cetrom’s data center services, your company will have access to the foremost technology, security, and support, for significantly less than you would spend hosting your IT services on-premise. Our data center solutions provide disaster prevention, geographic redundancy, physical building security, virus and spam protection, and more. With 24/7 support, there’s always someone on site to address your needs and securely manage your data. Contact us today online or by phone (866.923.8766) to learn more about our data center services and support. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing and Information Technology! Sources: Managing data center growth: Consolidate, colocate or move to cloud?