How to Secure Data in the Modern Workforce

Are you considering moving to the Cloud, but are unsure if it might compromise the safety of your data? We know that security is a top priority for your organization. You need a solution that you can rely on. Anyone who has already made the transition to the Cloud will tell you- moving to the Cloud actually improves data security. Here are 5 things any great Cloud provider will do to make sure your data is secure:

  1. Guaranteed uptime: Cloud Computing providers should have a spotless uptime track record, and a good Cloud company will invest heavily in their systems to ensure you won’t experience any downtime.
  2. Secure data facilities and data backup: Data Centers should be physically and logically secure with 24x7x365 monitoring, as well as network security monitoring. Data backup stored both on the Cloud and offsite help to ensure failover protection.
  3. Best-in-class technology infrastructure: Taking measures such as employing redundant Internet connections and uninterruptible power supplies, fault-tolerant servers, redundant file services, RAID-protected disk and data storage, and employing the use of enterprise-class firewalls, anti-virus, and intruder detection are signs that security is your Cloud’s priority.
  4. High levels of data encryption: As another security checkpoint, your data should be encrypted in the Cloud. Check to see if SSL Certificates are being used. SSL Certificates (the same level used by leading financial institutions) encrypt private and personal communications via the Internet, and hold a strong track record for their protection.
  5. Systems administration: Access and permission levels to the Cloud will be determined by the client, giving you complete control over your information. Stricter access controls will help dictate who can access which data.

With Cloud Computing, you will no longer need to invest in security solutions for your data either. Using the Cloud as a preventative measure saves you from security issues before they arise. Keeping systems up and your data safe is essential for Cloud Computing providers. Check their track record- have they ever experienced an outage? Ever had a security breach? Ever had customers leave the Cloud because they felt it wasn’t secure? White-glove Cloud Computing providers will answer no to all of these questions, and will take the five security measures mentioned above to ensure utmost security and your peace of mind.