In the Cloud, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Are you struggling to find the right IT solution for your small business? Are you skeptical of whether Cloud Computing will allow you to expand your small to mid-sized company or ensure reliability for your internal enterprise IT department? Cloud Computing grows with your business, supplements your current resources, and offers flexible utility pricing so you only pay for what you use.

Here is how:

Small Businesses (Up to 50 Employees): Even on a limited budget, small businesses require the same IT resources as any other company to keep operations running smoothly. To be cost effective, small business owners should look to a Cloud provider for a solution that not only meets the needs of its growing organization, but also offers flexible monthly budgeting options called utility pricing. Utility pricing allows companies to only pay for the resources used, and easily scale resources with growth. A good, custom Cloud Computing solution will allow a small company to focus on its business instead of IT maintenance and upkeep—an advantage against any competitor.

Medium Businesses (50 -150 Employees): With expansion comes a need for an IT solution that will grow with your medium-sized company. Although IT budgets may still be tight, medium-size companies expect employees to have access to the latest software systems and technology tools so they can help keep operations running smoothly and customers happy. By finding a Cloud Computing provider that offers scalable resources and a library of leading technology applications, medium-sized companies can thrive and continue to mature.

Large Businesses (150+ Employees): Running a large enterprise requires technology experts to keep all IT systems online, while also developing strategic projects to take the organization to the next level. Oftentimes, IT departments are stretched thin between these two responsibilities. By partnering with the right Cloud provider, in-house IT departments can rely on certified senior engineers to keep all the standard systems running smoothly, allowing focus for the more strategic initiatives. It’s important to find a Cloud provider with an impeccable track record of uptime, high-end security and 24×7 monitoring, opposite coast redundancy and responsive customer service. When looking for a Cloud provider, make sure you find one that can customize a solution for any size business, and grow with your company. Look for a Cloud-based IT solution that meets the specific technology goals for your industry. With the scalability of the Cloud and flexibility in pricing, Cloud-based solutions can create a work environment that meets the needs of your company today, and into the future.