Interop Session: Questions to Ask Your Potential Cloud Vendors

Time changes everything- it develops some things and diminishes others. Cloud Computing is proving to be not a trend, but a true business staple and insight into the way that all organizations will eventually manage their IT. As time continues on, this trend is being realized by not only business owners, but entrepreneurs alike. The more IT vendors that enter the market, the more options and service definitions, and the more confusing the concept of the Cloud can sometimes become. The growing number of tradeshows and events dedicated to Cloud Computing, and IT in general, is exponentially growing in attempt to help potential buyers learn about their vendor options. At next week’s Interop New York event, Cetrom CEO Christopher Stark will be presenting unbiased tips and advice for choosing amongst Cloud provider options. His topics covered will include questions to ask about vendor data centers, downtime history, disaster recovery, security, business continuity planning, and much more. Sound helpful? Be sure to stop by Interop’s Cloud and Virtualization Theatre (located on the show floor – Booth#1001) on Thursday, October 4th from 10:50 – 11:10am. It’s a presentation not to be missed! Because beyond reasons of IT consolidation, controlled expenses, and security, the Cloud has become foundational.