Less is More: 4 Surprising Savings Brought by the Cloud

There are many benefits associated with business cloud computing that extend beyond the realm of technology. If you are not already familiar with how cloud computing solutions can contribute to the success of your business, it’s not too late to learn- start here.


Yes, the cloud can extend the life of your on-site equipment by saving storage space. But that’s not the space-saving we are referring to. Cloud computing solutions also give organizations the power to save on real estate and office space. This has allowed for a steady increase in our workforce telecommuting, allowing employees to work from their virtual office space. Of course, if your company isn’t ready to telecommute full-time, the cloud can still save your office some closet space. You know the one… the closet with a mess of tangled wires, blinking lights and over-heated machines. It’s the one that looks like something Doc created to get him back to the future.  Cloud computing solutions, on the other hand, allow organizations to get rid of these server closets.


Forget your carbon footprint! Getting rid of your server closet can save your company a pretty penny on the energy bill. That on-site equipment requires a lot of power– 24x7x365 power to be exact, because you never unplug it. Doing away with that extra heap of metal and wire is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet. Business cloud computing also gives your office the power to organize effectively.  The cloud stores all of your applications and other data in one convenient, centralized location.  With such efficient, facilitated access, employees can work faster and increase overall productivity.


Cloud computing is all about working smarter, not harder. Hosting providers offer managed services to maintain and support your IT, so you don’t have to spend the time and resources to do it yourself.  With your cloud solution being consistently updated, it runs faster, without lag or downtime. Additionally, with the cloud, your office is mobile. You don’t have to wait until you return to work the next day to handle urgent business matters. Furthermore, important work issues that fall into your lap while on a business trip, vacation, or even over the weekend, can all be managed quickly and remotely with the cloud.


The cloud has the potential to cut costs exponentially because it affects so many aspects of a business. We’ve already covered how doing away with server closets or office locations via the cloud can save money, but that is only the beginning. The cloud reduces your capital expenditures on virtually everything IT. Your on-site equipment lasts longer due to less rigorous use, so maintenance costs for broken or problem equipment decrease. Also, with the increased lifespan of your on-site technology, big purchases on new equipment occur less frequently. Additionally, upgrades, updates, and license renewals on your technology is done at a fraction of the cost with the cloud. You’ll see dramatic changes in per-user workstation expenses as well. What’s the bottom line? There is a reason (many reasons, actually) why organizations are moving away from traditional IT systems and migrating to a business cloud solution. What will yours be?