Life is Mobile—the Cloud lets you BYOD

Advancements in mobile technology enable business people to work from home, travelers to watch their own movies on trains or planes, and parents to plan dinners and coordinate schedules from a park bench while their kids play on the swings. But, with this mobile freedom also comes choices. It’s no longer assumed that your new boss will hand you a Blackberry when you start work. Today, some businesses are incorporating iPhones and Android-based smartphones into their corporate strategy or offering to let employees bring their own devices (BYOD). Even the federal government is exploring its options. But probably the most contributory factor in the surge of BYOD discussions is the consumerization of mobile technologies, which enables employees to make their own decision when they don’t like what is being supplied by their employer. Employees can choose whatever device, operating system, service provider or even collaboration platform that is most compatible with their own way of life. From current smartphones like the Droid RAZR or iPhone 4S and tablets such as the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire, to the anticipated release of Jelly Bean for Android, Mountain Lion for Apple or Windows 8, and the rumored iPhone 5 and iPad 3… it’s trouble for your IT department. Compatibility, security and overall management become burdensome tasks. So instead of staying rigid and insisting on traditional IT rules and device selection, it’s important for IT managers and decision makers to consider the options available to reign in the rogue BYOD employee, while still enabling everyone to enjoy the freedom, options and benefits of ever-evolving mobile technology. The Cloud offers the necessary flexibility to accommodate any mobile device or platform while still maintaining control of all your applications, data and resources. Companies everywhere are faced with the same BYOD questions, concerns and discussions. The ones that embrace the advancements in technology and adapt accordingly will find that not only are their employees happier, but they are also more productive. This is because the employees can use their own devices to access company data the way they want to use it… anytime, anywhere, anyhow. But, with the support of a proven Cloud provider, you can be confident in knowing that your company information is safe and ready for the next big thing—which is just around the corner.