Live Chat with 21st Century IT

Christopher Stark’s 8/30 Live Chat with 21st Century IT pinpointed both challenges and tips for finding a trustworthy Cloud Computing provider. According to Alison Diana, Editor in Chief, 21st Century IT: “It can be challenging to find a trustworthy cloud service provider. And, perhaps, no one knows that better than Christopher Stark, CEO of cloud service provider Cetrom Information Technology. After all, McLean [Vienna], Va.-based Cetrom has heard the woes of clients that switched to the company after encountering problems with other providers. And the service provider has seen the same news accounts that have some executives leery of entrusting their data, applications, and networks to the cloud. Unlike some providers, Cetrom has not suffered any unscheduled downtime, he told me in an interview last month.” Read the full transcript of the Live Chat, or contact our Cloud experts today for additional resources on Cloud Computing.