Mobile Cloud Computing: Three Ways Small Businesses Benefit

Mobile cloud computing allows data storage and processing to happen on networks external to mobile devices. When a mobile app that functions on the cloud is launched, then, even though it operates as any traditional application downloaded from an app store would, its operating power comes from the cloud. Google’s email server and voice recognition – Gmail and Google Voice for iPhone – are two such programs that process data via the cloud. Though still a growing concept, mobile cloud computing is quickly catching on. In a survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC, 84% of respondents claimed to be making use of one or more cloud-enabled or cloud-based services in mobile applications (Source). Many of these services revolve around the world of social media, but an increasing number are beginning to accommodate cloud-based Ecommerce platforms, which have the capability to help businesses expand by leveraging the web to make the most of their online presence. As this technology continues to develop, small businesses would do well to consider using cloud-based mobile applications to make their companies more adaptable through out-of-office data access that uses a minimal amount of smart phone and tablet battery life while maximizing security.

Mobilize Your Business

With mobile cloud computing, employees no longer have to be constricted to the PCs in their offices. As long as a web browser is available, workers can retrieve and view applications on the cloud, while on the go from their mobile devices. With the ever-increasing use of smart phones and tablets access to web browsers while away from desktop computers has become a common reality. This literally “mobile” access allows small business owners and employees to create and share reports and documents remotely using the cloud – meaning they can work around the clock when need be, without being stuck in the office.

Improving Security at Low Costs

As employees in companies – from sales representatives who have frequent meetings with clients, to workers who telecommute – become increasingly mobile, the need to address security issues is becoming a mandate. To lower the risk of breaking protocol and letting confidential information seep, cloud computing on mobile phones and tablets is a cost effective security solution. With scalable services, the cloud stores information off-site, making it more difficult to be infiltrated – while allowing small businesses to only pay for how much space they need.

Save Energy with Offloading

Because smart phones and tablets have a limited battery supply, it’s important for users to identify ways to conserve energy on their devices. Cloud computing on mobile devices virtualizes information processing, and computing cycles implemented by cloud companies reduces the degree of computation taking place on mobile systems, thereby saving energy. As a leader in cloud computing, Cetrom has adapted to mobile cloud computing technology. Offering complete access to all technology resources through the cloud – whether using a BlackBerry® or Android®, iPhone® or iPad® – your employees will have the ability to access all their information from any device or operating system with Cetrom’s services. For more information on Mobile Cloud Computing for Small Businesses, call us today at 866-556-4357 or visit our website here today. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing. Sources: Mobile Cloud Computing: $9.4 Billion by 2012 Cloud Computing for Mobile Users: Can Offloading Computation Save Energy?